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 Air-Powered Macerating Pump Head 


 Ashland Pump LLC, Ashland, Ohio, USA 


Containerized Off-Grid Sanitation


3 Bird Swan Consulting, Newburgh, Indiana, USA


Client Testimonial:

Tomek is an excellent multi-disciplinary design engineer. When I had a chance to work with him on our Eta Speedbike project, he was able to come in and quickly understand many of the the unique challenges of our project. He worked in a flexible manner, integrated well with existing team and provided top notch engineering and test support during our world record project. Tomek was able to solve a variety of the challenges we encountered quickly and carefully, applying his knowledge and expertise to supplement that of our team in some crucial areas. He developed creative solutions to hard-to-define problems and managed his projects through to completion. In addition, he was a valuable asset during the testing and competition phases of the project.


I would highly recommend him for his unique and versatile engineering expertise.


Cameron Robertson, MASc, P.Eng

VP Advanced Projects

Our Next Energy

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