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ETA Speed Record Bicycle (2016)

Aerovelo Inc, Toronto, Canada

Vehicle Design

Detailed Design, Prototyping, Composite Materials


In 2013, Aerovelo set their sights on building the world’s fastest human-powered vehicle to surpass the previous level-ground speed record of 133.8 km/h (83.1 mph). In 2015, Eta first succeeded in its goal and has since incremented the world record four times, most recently with an astounding 144.17 km/hr (89.59 mph). 

Each year teams from around the world gather in Battle Mountain, Nevada in search of speed. The goal of the annual World Human Powered Speed Challenge is to provide an opportunity for teams to go as fast as possible on one of the fastest, flattest, straightest roads on earth.


The course is 5 miles long, and it takes absolutely every bit of it to build up to these kinds of speeds. After the first 1.5 miles, Eta is travelling over 100 km/hr, building towards a final sprint in an all out effort that lasts no more than 5 minutes.



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