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Bison EV Truck (2017)

Havelaar Canada (now eLeap Power), Toronto, Canada

Electric Vehicle Chassis

Detailed Design, Prototyping, Composite Materials, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Design for Manufacturing (DFM)


The Bison was an all-electric urban pickup truck that was designed, built, and tested in Canada. Havelaar Canada reached out to Engineering Design Lab for our expertise in finite element analysis and design for manufacturing. The goal was to create the stiffest-in-class chassis for the truck.


EDL worked closely with the client’s designers and engineers to ideate and develop improvements to the chassis. The traditional steel space frame was reinforced with carbon fiber to add torsional stiffness without sacrificing weight. The final design facilitated enhanced durability and handling of the vehicle.


A prototype was built and shown at various automotive shows across North America, Europe and Asia. The project is currently seeking investors for further development.

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