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BECC Modular Construction, Toronto, Canada

Modular Construction

Detailed Design, Prototyping, Manufacturing Support


BECC Modular Construction is a design-build firm that uses a light-gauge steel framing system to produce high quality modular units. Drawing on our architectural roots and synthesizing this knowledge with our engineering expertise, Engineering Design Lab helped design a series of building modules for two upcoming housing unit projects in Ontario.


EDL helped develop a lightweight braced-frame structure that allowed for parallel path construction and assembly and provided highly accurate digital design instructions to local vendors. The final design is highly customizable to individual sites and building conditions. This allows the structure to be adapted based on the site’s specific wind, snow and seismic requirements.


EDL managed the prototyping process and constructed the frame at a local facility to validate the manufacturing methods. Frames were then sent to the client in Ancaster, Ontario for further use.

Client Testimonial:

Tomek and his team were brought in to help develop a series of building module designs for the modular construction industry. They took up the challenge and were able to deliver a highly engineered design for various building systems and complete professional and accurate fabrication drawings in a very short period of time. Tomek managed the proof of concept prototype build and quickly adapted the design to include various improvements to the final design. Tomek and his team worked with our existing team and was able to recommend fabrication strategies as well as local vendors with the right skill sets, to help deliver the project in a time and cost effective manner. After completing their scope, the team continued to be available as needed and made sure any issues that arose were resolved quickly.

I would highly recommend him, and the entire Engineering Design Lab team.

Ali Ozden

Chief Executive Officer

BECC Modular 

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