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IP67  Waterproof Battery (2020)

Kai Concepts LLC, Alameda, California

High Performance Sports Equipment

Conceptual Design, Prototyping, Injection Molding, Testing


EDL developed a customized battery for an electric surfboard. The battery included a waterproof drop-proof enclosure and blind mate connector. EDL traveled to china to supervise the injection molding of all parts and to fine tune the process as well as develop testing protocols. The battery is currently being produced in volume. 

EDL can design a customized solution based on requirements for voltage, power, capacity, safety, usability, replaceability, and modularity. EDL can fine tune the design to be tailored to a manufacturing process that best suits the volume intended to be manufactured

Client Testimonial:

I highly recommend Tomek and the team he assembled at his Engineering Design Lab for any design challenge but particularly those tasks that require skills at the intersection of traditional engineering disciplines. Tomek genuinely loves his craft as an engineering designer, and that enables him to come up with creative solutions, backed by analysis. Additionally, with his detail-oriented side - he sees his designs through from prototyping, to EVT, DVT, PVT and all the way to mass production. Tomek quickly acclimatized himself with our team and its dynamic, and the nuances of the project. He worked in a flexible manner, integrated well with existing team and provided top notch engineering services on a day by day basis.

Dmitri Stepanov, MASC, P.Eng
Product Manager
Kai Concepts LLC

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