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Lowdown Focus Charger (2017)

InteraXon, Toronto, Canada

Smart Glasses Charger

Conceptual Design, Prototyping, User Testing, Industrial Design, Detailed Design


The Lowdown Focus sunglasses are embedded with brain-sensing technology to help the user improve mindfulness and meditation in real-time. To charge the battery and electronics, the client needed a stylish and easy-to-use charging solution that would seamlessly integrate with their design and aesthetics.


The design space for the charger was constrained by the existing glasses frame and charging points. Therefore, the charger had to be self-securable and self-locking to ensure that the glasses would receive power in any orientation. Matching the client’s visual brand language was also important since the charger would be included together with the glasses as a single package.


EDL started by rapidly prototyping a wide range of low-fidelity design concepts drawn from similar applications, analogous but diverse products, and creative brainstorming. We worked with the client and their staff to conduct several rounds of hands-on user testing and feedback which were used to refine subsequent ideation. The design direction that was selected included a living hinge with a snap clip wrapped around the frame’s temple. The clip was easy to install and remove with only one hand. Aesthetic elements such as a sleek structure and matching angles were incorporated at an early stage. The final design was delivered for pre-production manufacturing analysis and the product was successfully shipped with the next Lowdown Focus model to customers around the world.

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