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Latrine Machine Pumping Station (2017)

Ashland Pump LLC, Ashland, Ohio

Experimental Pump

Prototyping, Detailed Design, Testing, Product Development


Ashland Pump is a leader in high-quality utility and waste pumps with over 35 years of manufacturing experience. Engineering Design Lab was asked to help the client prototype and demonstrate an idea for a heavy-duty solid-liquid pump. The pump was meant to be used in developing countries to evacuate hard-to-reach pit latrines, which are otherwise emptied by hand or with expensive vacuum tankers.


The pump featured a novel design with virtually no moving parts. The material was moved by the clever use of pneumatic pressure. EDL first built a small-scale proof of concept to evaluate the technology and then proceeded to design and build a full-scale system complete with the electronic control system.


The pump was field tested near Seattle, WA, and met or exceeded all performance and reliability expectations. The project is now awaiting further development toward a commercial product.

Client Testimonial:

I had the pleasure of working with Tomek's Engineering Design Lab on a complex project that required innovation, technical ability and flexibility. I was constantly impressed by the firm's attention to detail, speed and accuracy of deliverables, overall enthusiasm and abilty to exceed expectations. Highly Recommended!

Jason Davis, BEng, MBA

VP Engineering

Ashland Water Group

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