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Faust Solar-Electric Race Car (2001)

Bluesky Solar Racing- University of Toronto, Canada

Electric Vehicle Design, Manufacturing and Racing

Detailed Design, Prototyping, Composite Materials, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Design for Manufacturing (DFM)


Faust was a solar race car designed to cruise at 80km/h for long distances. Faust was constructed by an all-volunteer team at the University of Toronto under the supervision of Chief Engineer Tomek Bartczak. Faust competed in the American Solar Challenge 2001, from Chicago, IL, USA to Los Angeles, CA, USA a distance of over 3,550km (2,220mi), on a single battery pack. Faust placed 12th overall and was one of the few teams to complete the entire race course.

Faust then went on the compete in the World Solar Challenge 2001 from Darwin, Northern Territory to Adelaide, South Australia a distance of over 3,030km placing 11th. Again on a single battery charge.

Faust showed early on that electric cars are a viable form of transportation and that more generally, vehicles designed for efficiency can  exceed performance figures for fossil-fuel powered vehicles.

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