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Integrated Current Meter System (2019)

Ontario Power Generation, Toronto, Canada

Custom Scientific Equipment

Conceptual Design, Design for Manufacture (DFM), Testing


Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is a government-owned corporation that oversees half of the electricity generation in the province. Hydroelectricity is a significant portion of the portfolio with 7,551 MW of generating capacity and 65 stations.


Engineering Design Lab was tasked by the client to develop a fixture to measure the water flow rate through its hydroelectric generating stations. The fixture needed to be extremely robust to withstand the incredible physical forces from the water inside the dams. Modularity was another key consideration since each of the 65 generating stations is unique.


EDL developed a solution centered on a kit of parts that could be used in different combinations to install in various scenarios. Only four unique parts were needed to span distances from 6 to 15 meters. The unique design used aerospace-grade aluminum alloys and eschewed welding altogether to mitigate fatigue concerns. High-strength aerospace bonding methods and bolted joints were applied to achieve the strength and stiffness required in service.

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