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Multi-Disciplinary Design Engineering


We help our clients with difficult project spanning multiple fields or traditional categories. We excel at connecting disciplines and developing new and exciting technology


Our Design Capabilities Include:

  • Multi-Disciplinary System Design

  • Mechanical Design

  • Mechatronics

  • Electro-mechanical Design

  • Aero-structural Design

  • Composite Materials Design

Client Testimonial:

Over the last eight years, I have had the pleasure of working with Tomek on various Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation sanitation related projects. From the Reinvented Toilet to the pumps for faecal sludge management (FSM). Tomek has stood out as a passionate design engineer and as an individual with a sensibility that straddles the gap between the theoretical and the practical. Not willing to just settle for a strictly analytical engineering process, Tomek has always pushed a hybrid design methodology that integrated the theoretical with the empirical. Theory and computer simulation were combined with rapid prototyping to verify concepts and allow the various projects under his supervision to progress quickly from idea to functional prototypes. Tomek's designs show a high level of attention to detail as well as an imbedded understanding of manufacturing processes in order to provide the best of both worlds. In the various projects, Tomek's team worked in a very flexible manner and strove to integrate feedback from various stakeholders for an better overall result. The projects were expertly managed and the speed at which they were able to progress in prototype development was best in class. I also really appreciated the lengths to which the EDL went to ensure their designs were ultimately successful. For instance, Tomek and his team even travelled to various locations globally, to witness and actively support prototype testing, and were able to quickly troubleshoot any problems that arose. 

If you want to work with someone who will make his mission to make your project succeed, I highly recommend Tomek and the Engineering Design Lab team.

Sun Kim

Non-Sewered Sanitation Standards and Compliance,

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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